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“Clear trash and recycling containers are the best solution to improving security in public areas!”

Colonel Mark Neice
US Air Force

“We have used the ClearStreams at several special events, and after the event, they store easily back into the cartons that they came in. We have several units permanently mounted near the canteen areas, and they seem to work really well. I have noticed an increase in recycling participation, based on our waste studies. We're seeing fewer beverage containers being thrown into the trash. The ClearStreams seem to attract people more than the old style we were using (barrels).
We're also using them to collect stretch film, like old grocery bags. They ClearStream™ is working very well for this type of collection, as well.”

Mark Dressler
Deptartment of Army (USAG)
Fort Detrick, MD

"We use the ClearStreams because they are the best thing I've seen today as a product for collecting and recycling aluminum cans. On Luke Air Force Base, we have approximately 300 units throughout the base. That includes our family housing, barracks and every office on the base."

Oscar Mabry
Luke Air Force Base
Phoenix Arizona