The Most Successful Recycling Container in History.

2016 marks our 26th continuous year in the environmental business.

A Look Back and Ahead

The number one feature about ClearStreams is that they are the Clear Choice. ClearStream has come a long way since its introduction in 2003 at Homestead, Florida where 175 bins recovered 80 yards of clean recyclables during three days of racing. Along the way, ClearStream has made continual improvements to the system including:
  • Locking, hot stamped lids which replaced decals in most situations. Replacement lids, which are sold separately, make ClearStreams look brand new.
  • Strong, clear bags have always been part of our DNA and trademark. ClearStream grew out of business called Resourceful Bag and Tag, which increased recycling at curbside with variable rate curbside collection programs. We developed our expertise producing millions of bags for Pay-As-You-Throw programs for cities and counties and waste haulers across the US.
  • Custom bags are available in pallet quantities that help expand opportunities for sponsorships, material identification, and event branding.
  • The Transporter was introduced in 2006 when the Georgia Department of Commerce and Community Affairs ordered enough Transporters and bins to stock 35 trailers with 5 Transporters 100 bins each for colleges, cities, and counties. Transporters are offered assembled and shipped with 25 ClearStream bins and lids of your choice if you have a dock facility. Transporters can also be ordered unassembled.
  • The SideKick, which hangs on the side of a barrel, wheeled cart or any flat surface including a chain link fence and makes it into an instant recycling stations.
  • ClearTainers, a full line of permanent containers.
  • The Billboard Sign Kit is the most cost-effective way to pay for recycling programs because you can showcase sponsors and advertise at your community events. You can also include additional instructions.

13 years later, with over 1 million ClearStreams in use, we go into one of the most exciting periods of our history with the Connector.

  • The Connector links bins into rigid solid waste stations that streamline collection, safety, and sustinability.
  • No tools are required. Just tighten the wingnut.
  • They set up in less than a minute.
  • Having bins in the same order and touching is key to successful collection.
  • Event organizers, such as those from Super Game Central 2015, also used these waste stations as barriers at checkpoints. When bins needed to be relocated, crews can pick up and move the entire solid waste station as an assembly.
Today, more than 4000 customers are using ClearStream for events throughout their communities. It is a container that loans and shares easily, so communities are able to create a “tool shed” where event organizers can borrow the containers and return them when finished.
We remain committed to recycling that is effective, efficient and economically successful. Over 10 years in the business have proven that recycling that does not meet these tests is only an expensive collection program. Please call (855) 411-4321 to speak with a sales rep today.

ClearStream Recycling
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Quality Manufacturing and Customer Service

ClearStream Recycling has been developing innovative and practical recycling containers for 10 years.

We work with thousands of customers – including school districts, colleges and universities, large business/manufacturing facilities, event planners, sports facilities, park districts, military bases, and waste and recycling haulers, to name a few.

Our products are designed, manufactured, and shipped from our warehouse in Belvidere, Illinois (61008). Our turn-key integrated operations provide maximum efficiency, quality control, and value to our customers:
  • All of our products are made in the USA.
  • We maintain a large inventory and usually ship within 48 hours.
  • We use high-quality parts, the latest powder coating, and quality control techniques to ensure reliability and long life of our products.
  • Many of our products use interchangeable components for maximum flexibility.
  • Our customer service team has experience helping thousands of customers succeed. We take pride in offering personalized service. Please give us a call today at 855-411-4321 to discuss how we can help meet your needs!

US Patent Numbers: 7032868, 7731134, D546521