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"Nevada County Recycles has been using the ClearStream™ Recyclers at special events at our fairgrounds and in two local cities. Here are some of the events where we have used them; Evening Music Concert (in summer), 4th of July Parade and two and three day music festivals (Blue Grass, World Beat, etc.). The ClearStream Recycler works best when they are placed next to garbage cans to provide the public with an opportunity to recycle and prevent contamination.
We were pleasantly surprised when a ClearStream was left standing alone in a field with no garbage can next to it there was minimal contamination. We were pleased with the minimal amount of contamination from the use of these bins. Nevada County loves the collapsible frame, it makes it easy to handle, transport and store. It was such a success, we have to keep ordering more in order to keep enough containers in stock and available. In order to minimize the transportation of these containers and maximize efficiently, space was allocated on-site to store the containers. Nevada County Recycles works closely with the fairground employees and special event coordinators to ensure everyone knows that the ClearStream are available for other events."
Lynn Cody, Recycling Technician, Department of Transportation and Sanitation, Nevada County, California

"We filled a 30-yard container, almost a ton, through the use of your units. (As you know, plastic and aluminum doesn't weigh a lot!) We could have captured even more if we had more ClearStreams. We compared the ClearStream to two other types of containers. I saw people walk away from other recycling containers which somewhat looked like trash containers and walk all the way across the field to your container. One recycling container was small with a pretty painting and sign with recycling written all over it and they ignored it. The other one was a big blue metal barrel with three holes punched in the top and had RECYCLE printed in big bold letters. It got contaminated over and over again while yours did not! The ClearStream™ pulled in the bulk of the recycled material that we captured at the event. We are ordering more!""
Ann Gill, Waste Reduction Specialist, Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Reduction, Charlotte, NC

"We love the ClearStream™ Recyclers! We started looking for a product that was easy to handle because the containers that we were using were big and bulky, and therefore people wouldn't use them. We saw your literature and decided to try the ClearStream™ and it has worked perfectly! It is so convenient! We can throw the units in a car, add the bags, and a way we go! The community absolutely loves them because they are easy to work with: just set them up, lock the bag on, and people started to recycle! We used them at a big event called River Fest with 500,000 people, and plan to use them again next year!
Recently we received a grant that we didn't spend all the money, so we purchased more ClearStreams™ to loan out during The Great American Clean Up to the community groups because they are always asking for a more convenient way to recycle. We will also make them available for other community events, like church festivals."
Linda Holterhoff, Program Manager, City of Cincinnati Recycling Program, Cincinnati, Ohio