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Bases & Connectors

Recycling Bin Bases and Connectors allow you to connect bins easily for waste stations, and create permanent placements for portable recycling bins. Easily swap out recycling and waste collection to suit a particular need, while keeping a standard and strong design.

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ClearStream Billboard Sign Kit (Green) Retro Billboard Clips (Set of 10)

If your frame is older (pre 2010) and does not have slots, this retro-fit kit will allow you to utilize the ClearStream Billboard.

Sale Price: $16.00
Podzilla Connector Podzilla Connector

Connecting 4 or more bins together using the Podzilla (Pod Connector) creates the ultimate clear collection station. Add additional Podzilla Connectors for larger bin stations of 6, 8, 10, etc.

Sale Price: $20.00
ClearStream Connector 2-Bin Connector - 5 Pack

The ClearStream Connector joins two or more ClearStream bins side-by-side for security and stability.

Sale Price: $90.00