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Recycling Bags & Accessories

ClearStream goes beyond bins and individual recycling containers to a complete system of accessories that allows you to manage and profit from your recycling and waste operations. Custom Printed Bags with your message or the message of an advertiser - Billboard systems that can be rented out or give visitor instruction - Connectors to string bins together into easy to use waste centers or to use as barricades and guides. The options for your recycling program are endless.

  • Bases & Connectors

    Recycling Bin Bases and Connectors allow you to connect bins easily for waste stations, and create permanent placements for portable recycling bins. Easily swap out recycling and waste collection to suit a particular need, while keeping a standard and strong design.
  • Billboard Kits

    Billboards allow you to instantly turn your ClearStream Recycling products into a moneymaker for your organization or event!
  • Collapsible Recyling Frames

    Frames for Clearstream Clear Bags, Sold in 3 colors and in quantities of 5 or 40. Our custom X-Frame design is stable, joins easily into groups with our connector sets, and collapses to store easily, at any time.
  • Recycling & Trash Bags

    ClearStream's clear bags with visible graphics help visitors see clearly where to put their recyclables, compostables, or trash. Green your event with ClearStream's clear bags - optional custom print bags available for your convenience. Sustainable waste collection is easier than ever!
  • Recycling & Trash Can Lids

    Hot-Stamped Lids make your ClearStream bins look brand new - even if they have been in use for a decade. Pair up your lids with matching colored frames to produce your own ClearStream waste station at your events. For more effective, effortless results, we recommend creating clear solid waste stations by alternating the order of your bins. For example: Recycle-Trash-Recycle-Trash-Recycle.
  • Trash Can Decals

    ClearStream offers a large assortment of decals. They help you educate attendees and sort material efficiently. Reducing contamination is key to operating a sustainable recycling program - decals are a great step in the right direction!