Advertisement Proposal

Advertisement Proposal

What is the Purpose of Advertising?

  • Increase the demand for your product.

  • Decrease what is called the "elasticity" of demand for your product.

  • A popular advertisement will highlight your products and make it become cooler.

What do Advertisers Want?

  • Brand Visibility: Advertisers want to see their logo anywhere and everywhere.

  • Recognition: Advertisers want to be recognized for their generosity; they want to be acknowledged in public spaces and events.

  • Creative Approval: Advertisers want to view collateral featuring their logo to make sure their most important asset, their brand, is properly represented,    

  • Metrics: Advertisers want to measure their return on investment. (How did their advertisement impact revenue?)

How ClearStream Can Help Advertisers!

With ClearStream’s, EcoSurround (EcoStream Surround) Advertisers can achieve all the above goals. With big, professional custom banners and billboards advertisers can receive the publicity they deserve, acknowledgment of their brand across a huge spectrum of consumers and generate additional recurring revenue.

  • EcoSurround provides 15 square feet of display space across the front and side panels of the unit, allowing advertiser’s branding to be well recognized.

  • ClearStream provides templates so that advertisers and consumers can submit their custom artwork. Hence, advertisers will always be able to provide their creative approval.

  • We are also able to create three separate images for each different panel to display various advertisers messages

What Does ClearStream Offer?

Eco Surround Bin Wrap

The Bin Wrap creates recurring revenue for venues by creating a 360-degree banner around any ClearStream bin. With hundreds of thousands of bins in service, selling 4-color banners to advertisers is an affordable way to earn recurring income. Advertisers can enjoy seeing their artwork on one 33” x 80” banner providing over 18 ft.² of display space and over 20 ft.² by adding a standard Billboard.


  • Unprinted Standard Billboard (21” x 12”) come with a clear plastic sleeve for inserting your own artwork having 1.75ft² of display space.

  • Printed Standard Billboard (21” x 12”) can be printed on 1 or 2 sides with professional quality graphics having 1.75 ft² of display space and 3.5 ft² when printed on both sides.

  • X-$tream Billboards (21” x 30”) create giant ClearStream advertisement signs having 4.4ft² of display space and 8.8 ft² of display space when printed on both sides. Use in sheltered areas.


There are four (4) different sizes of banners that can be displayed by connecting ClearStreams together. Total square feet ranges from 8 ft.² to 24 ft.².

  • 48” Tall Banner (one sided) 48” x 32” having 10.7 ft.² of displace space.

  • 48” Short Banner (two sided) 48” x 24” having 16 ft.² of display space.

  • 72” Tall Banner (one sided) 72” x 32” having 16ft.² of display space.

  • 72” Short Banner (two sided) 72” x 24” having 48 ft.² of display space.

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