Lend-A-Bin Recycling Program


Promote Sustainable Recycling

In 2005, Resource Recycling was the first to publish, in a Facility Focus article, the success of ClearStream Lend-A-Bin partnerships in the Portland, Oregon Metroplex. Lend-A-Bin programs have continued to spread to hundreds of customers doing tens of thousands of events annually.


Single Investment

A one-time investment in ClearStream bins promotes successful recycling and increases safety at public space events.



It gives public agencies and local governments an opportunity to consolidate recycling services and eliminate duplication.


Lasting Infrastructure

One set of bins can provide durable infrastructure to multiple organizations for many years.

Bin Check Out Systems

Recycling Cart Bin Check Out Systems and Programs

"We provided our County Fair with 100 ClearStream bins, and they’ve utilized them all. And we provide them for the Cities and Towns, so they can loan them out to different organizations that are having events. We have a nice little form that we use to make them responsible for it”. 

-T.T., Thurston County Solid Waste, WA

Event & Venue Bin Staging

Cart Storage Staging

ClearStreams can be staged at multiple locations throughout the facility/venue. They can be used at multiple events throughout the campus area and then stored in central locations between events. ClearStream carts can also be right sized to the needs of your staging areas.

“Space was allocated at the Fairgrounds to store the bins. Nevada County Recycles works closely with the employees and event organizers to make them aware that the ClearStreams are available for all types of events at the Fairgrounds.”

- L.C. Department of Transportation and Sanitation, Nevada County, CA

Fairgrounds Staging

Fairgrounds staging for recycing bins

When the Fairgrounds are rented out, the outside event organizers can use the bins to green their event.

The venue can also offer the use of Primetime advertising displays on the ClearStream containers. Outside organizers can sell these sponsorship opportunities to their clients, raising additional revenue.

Self Service

Bin Loan Recycling Program Self Service Container Pick Up Option

“Event recycling is so important and by having the ClearStreams available (on a loner-system) anyone can call us and easily pick up units for their events and then just return the containers with the recyclables they collect at their events.” 

- M.T. Recycling Coordinator, Rome / Floyd Recycling Center, GA

Partnering in Public Space Recycling

Are you Throwing Away Your Money in Non-transparent Containers?

Recycling for REAL requires clear containers to show people what you want them to do. Many venues and events use opaque containers and have converted to single stream recycling collection.

Prices for mixed recyclables have recently collapsed. Recycling collection that does not collect marketable recyclables is only an expensive collection program.

Source Separate Your Materials to Increase Your Revenue Stream

ClearStream is the clear answer to single stream collection in opaque, nontransparent containers.

ClearStream bins use clear bags with 7 different lids that specify exactly the type of material to recycle.

Guests intuitively know what to do. They place their discards into the correct bin with contamination rates below 10%.

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