Streamlining Recycling Operations

Streamlining Recycling Operations

Operational Efficiency is achieved in 3 ways with ClearStream

Superbowl Recycling Cleanup

Simple Design

Bags slide out from the side which eliminates vertical lifting and reduces the risk of back injuries. Connectors lock the ClearStream bins into rigid solid waste stations. The connected bin can be moved where needed and provide dual barriers for crowd control.


The clear bins allow staff to see from a distance when a bin needs servicing, preventing overflows and reducing maintenance costs.

The clarity of the bins reinforces the Department of “Homeland Security's campaign to "See Something, Say Something".


The mobility of ClearStream’s compact folding frames and nesting lids make them easy to transport set up and store.

"What we used to use is a standard 90 gallon cart and those are just big and bulky. And you can do a hundred ClearStreams in literally one or two pickup loads and set them up in about an hour. I mean, they’re just a lot more cost effective.” said Bill Smith, City of Tacoma, WA