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Fairs & Festivals

"The ClearStream Recyclers worked very well for our fair, which hosts about 105,000 people! I saw many people using them. This is the first year recycling has actually worked for us, and we are going to continue to use the ClearStreams year after year! We had the Recyclers placed next to the trash containers, which made it convenient for the people to separate their trash from their recyclables. Our cleaning crew had no problem with the units; it is no extra work for them."

Dan Bowen, Fair Manager
Montgomery County, Ohio

"It may seem exceptional, but we found less than 2% of trash or non-recyclables in the ClearStream™ units, and less than 5% recyclables thrown away into the trash containers. When used correctly, the ClearStream™ is very effective for successful recycling and waste diversion at large events. People who attend our events notice the efforts and value the improvement to community events that we were holding in the City of Dubuque."

Paul Shultz
City of Dubuque, IA

“In the past, we only used the 55 gallon barrels. I know the TrashMaxs are a lot better because I was the one who had to move the barrels around. We had kids emptying the bags from the TrashMaxs but they didn't show up one night, so then I had to do it myself, and I had no problems! They work so well that we decided to order some more of your units, to replace all of our barrels. I can put the TrashMax frames on a pallet and easily drive them around.”

Emory Minnich
Schnecksville Community Fair, PA