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K-12 Schools

“Our school just recently switched from selling beverages in cans to selling only plastic bottles. The ClearStream™ Recyclers have been really handy.

We have units stationed in the commons area (where lots of students gather both before and after school), outside the cafeteria doors (where students can drop off their bottles on their way out), and in a few classrooms, where the teacher requested the Recycler because the trashcan they used to use for recycling was always over flowing.”

Bonnie Brainard, Assistant Principle
Rolla High School
Rolla, MO

"We are a public elementary school located in Encino, California, with students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. Late last year we purchased five Cyclemax containers to assist our efforts starting a recycling program at the school. We now have two Cyclemax bins stationed in our outdoor lunch area, two on the playground and one at the main entrance to the campus (where we capture recycling from our families during pick-up and drop-off). In seven months the bins paid for themselves in refunds received under the California Refund Value program for bottles and cans. Additional recycling revenue now directly funds our "Health is Important", science and garden programs.

Our students embraced the Cyclemax containers quickly and with little instruction. We experience an amazingly low one percent pollution rate using the Cyclemax containers! The school is so thrilled with the bins that we are pursuing several grants to fund the purchase of more.

Thank you for such a wonderful product."

Robin Solomon, Recycling Coordinator
Friends of Lanai Booster
Lanai Road Elementary School