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"The ClearStream™ Recyclers worked well at our Earth Day event. We are ordering 65 additional ClearStreams™ to loan out at the Great American Cleanup and RiverFest events next year. The units will also be available, year-round, for local groups to use at their events!"

Shirley Phillips, Recycling Coordinator
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful
Cincinnati, Ohio

“We purchased a quantity of the ClearStream™ recycling containers for one of our major events, a tree-planting project in the City of Winston-Salem. The event involves 500 - 600 volunteers, and we set up the units around the host-site, where the volunteers gather. The program was extremely successful! These containers are perfect! It is clear that they are meant for recycling and not trash. We could see, very clearly, what was in the bags. They are easy to transport, easy to set up and move about on the site for the events. We feel that they are invaluable!
The City of Winston-Salem uses these on a regular basis for events throughout the city, i.e. planting / cleaning events and whenever we have hundreds or even thousands of volunteers or other of individuals gathered.”

George Stilphen, Executive Director
Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful

"We left our five bins virtually unattended for the three days of the home show, collecting 60 lbs of mixed bottles and cans. The stream was 70% aluminum with virtually no contamination - I found 1 straw, 1 candy wrapper and three paper coffee cups. That was it! As you said, they're virtually idiot-proof. The custodian at our local high school was similarly amazed at how effectively the students used the bins, when we sited them on loan."

Lisa Friend