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"In a trial of the ClearStream Recycling container, we were able to increase the amount of bottles and cans recycled at sporting events by 30%. And during reunions Weekend, we increased the collection by 200%. We think one reason for the success is that they DON'T look like the average trash receptacle.
Another benefit is that the ClearStream containers store in minimal (valuable) space. We have purchased more ClearStreams to further increase participation in the University of Virginia's award winning recycling program, particularly during any special events."

Sonny Beale
University of Virginia

"We bought our first fifteen sets of ClearStreams last spring for Alumni Weekend. The only people on campus are the graduating seniors and the alumni returning for their 10th, 25th and 35th reunions. The tradition has been going on for decades where they have lots of parties and there is a lot of drinking. Historically it's been hard to chase down the caterers and explain that Harvard University has a recycling policy.
So what we did this year for the first time was place six ClearStream Stations in the busiest tents, equipped with a trash bag and a garbage bag. They were easy to deliver and took little training on how to set up the bags so they don't blow away.
Glass comes in cardboard boxes, whether its beer or champagne. We save the cases and stick the bottles back into the cases for recycling.

During the events I watched people using it. They'd come up with an arm full of two plates, two cups, two cans, and bottles. They would actually use the sorter lid to put the bottles in. No directions necessary. It is obvious what it is. They want to do what everyone else is doing and be the environmental do gooder that does the right thing.

Rob Gogan, Waste Manager
Harvard University

"The ClearStream Recyclers are one of the center pieces of our recycling program. They are probably the single most visible container that we use to collect recycling, particulary the gymnasium has lots of tournaments and team camps through the summer. So thousands of people see and use the recycling containers. They work almost flawlessly. There is very little contamination compared to any other container I’ve tried to collect bottles and cans in. I can’t say enough."

Eastern Mennonite University