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ClearStream stations in public ENGAGE PEOPLE to maximize ECONOMIC PROFITS with an ENVIRONMENTAL legacy. Clear bins are an instant crowd pleaser. People confidently sort their materials confidently into separate bins for specific recyclables, trash, compostables and other commodities as needed.
Compare ClearStream Performance to your Collection System

1. Recycling for REAL EN GAG ES Visitors at Public Space Events
Visitors use transparent containers to match their Recyclables with those in the clear bins. Each bag collects only one type of material and is marketable without a secondary sort.

"SEEING IS BELIEVING. It works due to visual recognition. Without any education, event attendees properly sort their discards." Bruce Philbrick, Solid Waste Superintendent, City of Loveland, CO

2. Sorting Recycling for REAL Generates Four ECONOMIC Benefits, Includes:
Marketable Recyclables; Avoided Disposal Costs; Streamlined Operations; and Cleaner Events.

"It may seem exceptional, but we found Jess than 2% of trash non-recyclables in the ClearStream units, and less than 5% recyclables thrown away into the trash containers." Paul Schultz, Solid Waste Management Supervisor, Dubuque, IA

3. Clean up ENVIRONMENTS Locally and Globally. When attendees see REAL
recyclables in ClearStream collection stations and add their own, their behavior becomes the norm.

"Setting an example is not the main means of Influencing others, it is the only means."
Albert Einstein, (quoted by Doug McKenzie-Mohr), Fostering Sustainable Behavior, Third Edition.