ClearStream Recycling: Clearly Safer

Clearly Safer Recycling & Waste Collection Systems

With a sponsorship from Pepsi, Phoenix purchased 500 ClearStream bins. These were set up into 125, 4-bin solid waste stations with (2) blue "RECYCLING" bins, a "TRASH ONLY" black bin, and one "COMPOSTABLES" green bin for better source separation resulting in a cleaner collection.

“Congratulations… All Super Bowl fans who kicked food waste out of the landfill and into the compost and recycling bins!”

- Jared Blumenfeld, US EPA’s Regional Administrator (Pacific SW)

ClearStream Green Barriers Increase Security at Inspection Stations

Green Barriers are assembled by interlocking ClearStream bins into a single or double row with a standard (2-bin) or a Podzilla (4-bin) connector.
Each interlocked Quadpod has a 4’x4’ footprint that will replace standard barriers as security check points.
Green Barrier collection bins also permit guests, safety personnel and event staff to SEE something, SAY something.

recycling green security clear

"Install clear trash receptacles so that staff can better monitor items that go into the bins."
- Homeland Security, Security and Resiliency, Bomb Threat Guidance, Page 11.

Additional Benefits

  • The double wide foot print of the Podzilla connected bins makes it harder to cross than existing security fencing.
  • Replacing security fencing with the clearstream security bin barrier provides readily available collection bins to keep the area cleaner.
  • The billboard signs create revenue opportunities for the venue.

The City of Phoenix Plays-It-Safe at Super Game Central 2015

The Department of Homeland Security required the removal of receptacles except those that were clear at Verizon Super Bowl XLIX Central in Phoenix, Arizona.

Green Security packages are available with mobile carts in 2 sizes:

DualMax Recycling Cart

DualMax, Loaded

Creates a 10' double row Green Barrier

  • Your choice of 10 frames and lids, vertical hanging storage
  • The DualMax cart can be used as two additional bins
  • 12 billboard sign kits & 2 cases of bags
  • 4 Podzilla connectors
  • Signs are sold separately by ClearStream
Order the DualMax, Loaded Cart
Transporter Facility Recycling Cart

Transporter 2 - Loaded

Creates a 20' double row Green Barrier

  • Your choice of 20 frames and lids, verical hanging storage
  • 20 billboard sign kits
  • 2 cases of printed bags: 100 RECYCLABLES and 100 TRASH ONLY
  • 9 Podzilla connectors
  • Signs are sold separately by ClearStream
Order the Loaded Transporter 2