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Waste Watcher (Custom)
Waste Watcher (Custom)


The most versatile, customizable recycling containers on the market. These bins will take your recycling & waste collection systems from good to great!

Ideal for office & school collection, the Waste Watcher containers are designed with a variety of lid and signage options - this allows for a clean sort and the ability to easily expand your recycling program.

Available in 23 gallon (30"), choose from the options below.

Color: Blue, Green, Grey, Black
Lid (Blue, Green, Grey): One Hole, Single Stream, Paper Slot, Square (also available in black)
Signage: Blue, Green, Grey, Black
Decals: See complete list

Unit includes: Bin, lid, sign frame, and decal.
1 unit: $129.95
2 units: $258 (1 connector)
3 units: $389 (2 connectors)
4 units: $489 (3 connectors)
Call us today at 855-411-4321 for pricing on quantities 5+.

Bins, lids, and signs are also available as individual pieces. Call us today for a quote.

Additional Features:
  • Multiple lid styles and colors at no additional cost
  • Lids fit other "slim style" containers
  • Easy grip handles
  • Secure multiple containers with optional connectors to create a sturdy recycling station
  • Optional sign frames fit either side or on the end of the bin
  • Fits a 30" x 36" (30 gallon) bag

Product Code: 4WASWX001

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The most versatile, customizable recycling containers on the market.
  • 23 Gallon: Weight: 6.3 lbs (with lid 7.2 lbs) | 20"L x 11"W x 30"H
    Material: High density polyethylene

    Lids, labels (available in any language), sign frames, connectors, wheel dollies

    Minimum order: 200 pieces
    Side stamping: 5" x 5.75"
    Generic stamp: Mobius loop on 1 side (stocked in blue & green)

    Shipping: (body and lid)
    75 per pallet
    Pallet weight: 30" - 540 lbs
    Pallet dimensions: 46"L x 48"W x 96"H

    Shipping: (body only)
    104 per pallet
    Pallet weight: 30" - 605 lbs
    Pallet dimensions: 46"L x 48"W x 96"H

    Custom colors available, minimum order of 1000 pieces

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