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Bags & Lids

The best bags in the business! For 30 years, ClearStream has been providing waste haulers with a patented bag lock that holds bags securely to the frame and a star bottom seal for maximum strength. ClearStream waste and recycling bags are a blend of metallocene and “barefoot” LLDPE resin with a minimum of 10% PCR and NO additives. Bags can be ordered in quantities of 100 or 200 per case. Lids easily snap on all four corners of Portable Bin frames and Permanent Containers. Hot Stamped Lids are used for 40-Gallon bins and are available with a wide variety of openings that eliminate the need for decals. Dual-Sort Lids are used with 25-Gallon bins and have 2 openings that use decals of your choice to separate materials . Replacement lids are ordered in cases of 5.