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Permanent SortMax™ Recycling Stations Features & Benefits

Locking Block:

SortMax comes with a locking block that connects two or more SortMax into a rigid solid waste station. It takes only 30 seconds to connect 2 SortMax together with a locking block.

➣ Locking 2 SortMax stations together provides additional sorting opportunities.

Great Fit:

The 17.25” width makes SortMax a great fit for narrow locations. Examples included entryways, security stations, cafeterias, hallways, lunch rooms, lounges, tradeshow aisles etc. (48” x 17.25” x 42.25”)


SortMax uses 5-inch industrial locking casters for easy transport with foot brake for securing the SortMax.


➣ Roll SortMax recycling stations into high-traffic areas like fairs, sporting events, and assemblies to capture recyclables.

➣ Roll SortMax to the back of the house to consolidate clean recyclables for shipment to end-use markets.


Removing the lids and bags from your SortMax permits collecting corrugated and other bulky materials.

Each SortMax comes with a 3/8” steel frame for banners or signs.

Two SortMax locked together can display an 8.5’ x 3’ banner that is 25 ft.² (total 50 ft.² double sided).