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Customize your SortMax as a 2-Bin, 3-Bin or 4-Bin Station

2-Bin Sort

To order a SortMax-3, choose:

➣ Two standard Hot Stamped lids.

➣ Four rolls of 40” x 45” bags. Five per roll, Total 20 bags.

3-Bin Sort

To order a SortMax-3, choose:

➣ One Hot Stamped lid. One Dual-Sort lid.

➣ Two decals per opening, Total 4 decals

➣ Ten 40” x 45” bags and twenty 30” x 45” bags, Total 30 bags.

4-Bin Sort

To order a SortMax-3, choose:

➣ Two Dual-Sort lids

➣ Four different decals (Total 8)

➣ Eight rolls of 30” x 45” bags. 5 per roll, Total 40 bags

All 3 stations are priced the same!


Lids snap on to the baglock at all four corners

Rubber mat provides protection from spills


SortMax ships unassembled to reduce shipping and carbon footprint costs.

SortMax can be shipped either as a ground package or LTL with up to 8 cartons on a skid.


Secures both 25 and 40 gallon bags


Open the rear grid and slide the full bag out through the opening, eliminating vertical lifting


Assemble SortMax with 8 screws in 10 minutes by one person