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Learning to RECYCLE RIGHT is the National Goal

It is estimated that less than 15% of public space venues offer an effective recycling program. In response, The Recycling industry has launched an educational campaign called RECYCLE RIGHT.

SortMax is an indoor permanent container that will also help visitors sort Recycling for REAL™.

SortMax is versatile customizable outfitted indoor container that can be used to collect a 2-sort, 3-sort or 4-sort Recycling Station. Each SortMax lid opening collects only one type of material. Given its unique design, we are confident that SortMax will also reduce contamination below 10% by showing engaged visitors how to Recycle for REAL™ in your indoor public spaces.

Recycling for REAL™ with Portable Containers helps Visitors RECYCLE RIGHT

Recycling for REAL™ provides a “transparent” solution. ClearStream customers have been using Recycling for REAL™ sustainably for 15 years. Visitors see recyclables in clear bins and add their own right on top with less than 10% contaminaton. Marketable recyclables are consolidated and transferred directly to a local recycling center. There is no need for additional processing.