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Portable Bin 5-packs

Foldable, easily movable, lightweight, and durable. Portable Recycling and Waste Containers from ClearStream use our innovative collapsible X-Frame design to reduce bulk, and the visible bag design allows you to share important message or advertising while helping patrons and employees note when bags are full and need replacing. Choose from among our many color and type options below.

Top 10 Product Features

  1. Clear bags dramatically increase recycling participation and eliminate most sources of contamination.
  2. Bins arrive ready-to-use.
  3. ClearStreams use standard 40” x 45” bags (45 gallon) with a patented bag lock which holds bags securely to the frame.
  4. ClearStream provides 9 different choices of hot stamped lids to designate material to be collected.
  5. Bins can be linked into rigid solid waste / recycling stations that serve as crowd management green barriers with bin connectors.
  6. Bins can be monitored from a distance and comply with federal and state mandates to “See Something, Say Something.”
  7. Accessories include container carts and transporters, billboard / recycling bin signs & displays for maximizing revenue and bases and connectors.
  8. Bins are easy to set up and service without special equipment. Bags slide out without heavy lifting, reducing back injuries!
  9. All ClearStream bins contain 50% post-consumer recycled content and a lifetime warranty on construction and welds.
  10. ClearStream bins also permit active, on-site monitoring of the contents of transparent bins by security personnel.