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ClearStream Recycling: Clear Recycling Bins Work Harder

The ClearStream system is one of the most successful recycling containers in the U.S. – over 1,000,000 have been sold in the past 10 years. ClearStreams provide great value and flexibility to our customers year after year. Create a solid waste station by connecting several clear bins together.
  • All ClearStreams use our patented baglock system, which secures the bag to the frame. Lids snap securely onto the frame at four points.
  • The clear bag, restricted openings, and bold signage on the lids show “What Goes Where.”
  • Folding frames and nesting lids make ClearStreams easy to store and transport.
  • Interchangeable lids, frames, bags, and accessories provide maximum flexibility for a variety of venues and uses.
  • ClearStreams are easy to set up and service without special training or equipment.
  • ClearStreams are easily emptied without vertical lifting, and replacing with a clean bag eliminates the need to power wash traditional bins.
  • All ClearStream models use standard 40” x 45” bags (45 gallon), with the exception of the DualStream that uses two 30” x 45” bags. ClearStream specializes in providing recycling and trash bags that are high in quality and clarity. They are printed with ClearStream set up instructions and graphics which reinforce disposal in the appropriate containers.
  • Seeing ClearStreams filling up from a distance makes them more efficient to service and meets the Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines for clear containers in certain public areas. (Note: It is important to use crystal clear bags for maximum visibility; we offer a complete line of high-quality clear bags.)