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The SideKick is the Clear Choice for professionals. This clear bin works great for event recycling because it is able to conveniently sit on the side of other waste units. Key to the SideKick's success is the the same patented bag lock as the ClearStream. Hanging a SideKick on any toter or trash barrel, instantly transforms a trash can into a recycling station. Utilizing the proven keys to success that the ClearStream has featured since 2003 including the clear bag design, bold signage, and restricted openings ensures the Sidekick produces a clear stream of recyclables or compostables.

Every SideKick is sold with the guide slots that fit the billboard sign holder and have become a must-have for most ClearStream customers since the billboard was introduced in 2010. The SideKick is also designed to hang on a fence and is perfect for ball diamonds along with many other applications.
If it looks like a trash can, it will be used as a trash can! Our ClearStream customers report 0-3% contamination using the ClearStream bins. The clear bag, restricted openings and powerful signage shows “What goes where”.ClearStream is the proven choice of thousands of professionals: schools, colleges & universities, cities & towns, non profits, event managers for fairs & festivals, waste haulers, corporations, military, property managers, transportation centers, etc.
  • ClearStreams are easy to set up and service without special training or equipment.
  • ClearStreams are serviced without vertical lifting.
  • ClearStreams can be seen from a distance when full, and replacing a clean bag eliminates the need for pressure washing the bin.
  • The clear bag design meets current Homeland Security guidelines.