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ClearStream Containers

ClearStream offers a wide variety of permanent and portable recycling bins, boxes, bags, and accessories to meet your event or facility recycling and waste disposal needs. ClearStream Bins are specially designed to promote proper recycling behavior, minimize contamination, and to save you money, manpower, and time. Please select a product type below to learn more.

  • Portable Containers

    Collapsible, easily movable, lightweight, and durable. Portable Recycling and Waste Containers from ClearStream use our innovative collapsible X-Frame design to reduce bulk, and the visible bag design allows you to share important message or advertising while helping patrons and employees note when bags are full and need replacing. Choose from among our many color and type options below.
  • Permanent Containers

    ClearStream's permanent, clear containers are durable, attractive, stationary recycling and waste containers for indoor and outdoor use. We have been producing permanent metal containers since 2005. We provide containers for both indoor and outdoor environments. Customization is available on all models.
  • Bin / Container Frames

    Frames for Clearstream Clear Bags, Sold in 3 colors and in quantities of 5 or 40. Our custom X-Frame design is stable, joins easily into groups with our connector sets, and collapses to store easily, at any time.
  • Replacement Lids

    Hot-Stamped Lids make your ClearStream bins look brand new - even if they have been in use for a decade. Pair up your lids with matching colored frames to produce your own ClearStream waste station at your events. For more effective, effortless results, we recommend creating clear solid waste stations by alternating the order of your bins. For example: Recycle-Trash-Recycle-Trash-Recycle.