Returning to Students to Homerooms

Students are returning to school this fall, but in new, safer ways. Students remain at their desks in their Homeroom during the day while some in-person Teachers rotate
between Homerooms. Their shared goal is a great education while observing proven safety procedures.

Choose ClearStream 2-Bin or 3-Bin Stations:

Connected ClearStream – 2-bin, 3-bin or more – are permanently staged in hallways outside of Homerooms.

Bypassing the Cafeteria

Students also take their lunch break in their Homeroom. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends serving lunch in the Homeroom to maintain social distancing. By staggering lunch breaks, one ClearStream station can service up to 8 Homerooms. Each class takes a turn entering the hallway single file to sort their discards into the clear bins. After Students finish lunch, they return to their Homeroom for afternoon classes.


Get Students’ HANDS UP!

Show Students which materials are recyclable or compostable. Avoid "WISHFUL" recycling using the sorting rule “When in doubt, throw it out.” The result is a program that creates successful

diversion with minimal contamination.


Your custodian team maintains clean, orderly and safe hallways and Homerooms for your Students. They service LIQUIDS, RECYCLABLES, TRASH ONLY, and COMPOSTABLES from designated bins in the hallway.

DualMax Shuttlecraft

• Order only the cart to store 10 of your ClearStream frames and lids.

• Order a loaded DualMax Shuttlecraft to provide mobility for five 2-bin recycling stations to service small to

medium sized events.

• 2-Bin: Use to link 2 or more ClearStream bins into a single row for additional stability and crowd control.

• 4-Bin (Podzilla): Use to link 4 or more ClearStream bins into a double row Quadpod that can be set out for an

entire season.


• After lunch, Students enter hallway single file, maintaining social distancing.

• ClearStream S.M.A.R.T. stations show students how to Sort More And Reduce Trash.

• They return to assigned seats in their Homeroom for afternoon classes.

Covid-19 has made recycling difficult in 2020. You may need a little help from your friends. Over 900,000 ClearStream are in use across the USA. Thousands of school systems use their ClearStream bins for Outdoor events. REPURPOSE and borrow the bins in your system or

community for collection of recyclables Indoor in your hallways.