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Special offer for existing customers who want to update their lids.

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, ClearStream in transitioning our entire production of lids to include Smart Plastic Technologies' GARD TM additive in the plastic. The continuous Anti-Microbial action helps add long lasting protection.

Adding the GARTM silver oxide material into the plastic provides continuous antimicrobial action that protects surfaces for the life of the lids.

GARDTM is FDA approved and being used in many places to help combat Covid-19

1. 10 seconds to wrap the draw tape bag around the four corners.
2. 10 seconds to pull down on the bag to tighten (see image)
3. 10 seconds to remove the full bag and tie a knot

The 50-gallon draw tape bags provide faster servicing and can hold hold over 300 bottles and cans.

Use 2-bin connect multipe ClearStream bins into a line of recycling stations and other formations.

Use 4-bin connectors to connect ClearStream bins into quadpods and other formations for a solid waste station that doubles as crowd management barriers.

Lend-A-Bin programs allow local agencies and events to borrow the bins on a loaner system.