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MAX Recycling Offer

Partnering in Public Space Recycling

Dear KAB network friend,

Keep America Beautiful started the environmental revolution 65 years ago with friends like you. Thanks for supporting many of our programs.

One of our partners, ClearStream Recycling, is introducing two new PERMANENT, INDOOR containers that help guests sort their recyclables into the correct bin. The result is marketable commodities that are acceptable to local recycling centers and eliminate the need for additional processing.

DualMax sorts recyclables with a standard, 2-bin ClearStream container.

QuadMax sorts recyclables into a 4-compartment container with 2 split lids.

Both the DualMax and QuadMax containers can be purchased for $549 each (reg. $650) with FREE Shipping & 20 BONUS Bags, prior to Earth Day, April 22, 2019.

Both MAX containers show visitors where to sort their recyclable materials into the correct compartments. Seeing is believing, and engaged guests get it right over 90% of the time, which makes the collection marketable.

Our KAB affiliate will receive $50 for every container you purchase!

If you are looking INDOOR recycling containers that are effective, mobile, easily serviced and affordable, take a look at this offer: ClearStreamRecycling.com/MaxOffer

Thank you again, and Happy Earth Day!