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SortMaxTM containers can be purchased for $599 each (regular price $650), including FREE shipping. Limited time offer - Offer ends on Earth Day, April 22, 2020.

SortMaxTM: 2-Bin Container

SortMaxTM sorts recyclables with a standard, 2-bin ClearStream container into two 45 gallon bags. SortMaxTM ships with one black TRASH ONLY and one blue BOTTLES & CANS ONLY lid. Lids snap on to the frame at all 4 corners with an audible “click.” SortMaxTM is compatible with all regular ClearStream stock lids and bags.

SortMaxTM: 4-Bin Container

SortMaxTMis a clear, permanent, 4-bin mobile container for indoor areas that sorts recyclables with a 4-compartment container into four 20 gallon bags. Each lid has a 4.5” circular opening for plastic bottles or cans and a 7.375” x 4.5” rectangular opening for trash, paper, compost and more.

Shared Features
for Both Containers:

SortMaxTM containers show your guests exactly which bin to use to recycle correctly. When guests sort the materials correctly, no further processing is needed. Marketable recyclables are transferred directly to a local recycling center, avoiding additional costs and closing the loop.

1. Easy Assembly
SortMaxTM containers assemble with eight bolts to reduce freight costs.

2. Clean & Clear
Wire grids provide visibility; SortMaxTM ships with a mat to prevent leaks.

3. Easy Access
Bags are secured with a patented baglock and serviced by removing the lid.

4. Snap-On Lids
Lids snap on to the frame at all four corners with an audible click.

5. Display Options
Generate new revenue with two 21” x 30” hanging signs or a large 48” x 32” banner.

6. Compact & Versatile
Compact 18” depth (46”x 45” x 18”) is perfect for narrow locations.

7. Easy to Tow
With an add-on kit, one person can tow multiple containers simultaneously.

8. Increased Safety & Security
Clear bins improve safety so guests can SEE something, SAY something.

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Compare What You Currently Use to the SortMaxTM Containers Engaged teams get diversion over 90% every time, which makes the collection marketable every time. We guarantee it!

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What Customers Say About ClearStream

"Tested in a crowd of 150,000 at NASCAR’s® Winston Cup Series...A sample sort of recovered material found less than 2% contamination! The ClearStream Recycler keeps the recyclables separate from the trash, so no further sorting is needed!"

- M.P., Director of Operations, Extreme Clean

"It may seem exceptional, but we found less than 2% of trash or non-recyclables in the ClearStream units, and less than 5% recyclables thrown away into the trash containers."

- P.S., Solid Waste Management Supervisor, City of Dubuque, IA

“The clear bag is the ultimate tool for behavioral change, because people will not throw their recyclables in the trash if they believe others are watching. Appropriate public behavior helps create community pride, one recyclable at a time.”

- K. K., Director of Operations / Special Events, NWS, Chicago, IL

“People quickly see that the one bag is for recyclables, and the other for trash. Without any education, event attendees properly sort their discards. We’re happy, and so are the event organizers."

- B. P., City of Loveland, CO

“Clear trash and recycling containers are the best solution to improving security in public areas!”

- Col. M. Neice, US Air Force

“The ClearStream System is very easy to set up, very easy to operate, and people really understand it. It not only helps the environment, it helps keep the venue clean."

- J. W., Operations Manager, First Midwest Bank Amphitheater, Tinley Park, IL

“Whenever possible, remove trash receptacles from areas that are in high traffic pedestrian areas...install clear trash receptacles so that staff can better monitor items that go into the bins.”

- Department of Homeland Security, Security and Resiliency Bomb Threat Guidance (Page 11)