ClearStream Collection System is The Sustainable Bin for your Triple Bottom Line. How?

All three E’s are present when the consumer utilizes the Collection System

Engagement – Social Engagement with your consumers is crucial to being successful. ClearStream’s Clear bag system make self sorting easy for them. Which means, less hassle for you post event. They are socially engaged when they are utilizing the bins. The clear bags make venue safer.

Environmental – You will be making your event sustainable environmentally by achieving the lowest contamination rates possible when utilizing ClearStreams. (Monetize your Waste Stream)

*Bottle bill states literally making money on their recycling

Economical – ClearStream bins are durable. They are far more cost efficient than the alternative (boxes) and can be used on a multiyear basis. Easy and setup and tear down coupled with space saving during storage make them the clear choice.

The Showtime Sponsorship opportunity activates all 3 E’s every time your ClearStream is utilized.

Engagement – Consumer sees billboard when interacting with self sort system

Environmental - Sponsor cares about the local and global environment (This Zero Waste Station brought to you by…)

– The increased sponsorship revenue you receive from increased exposure offset the cost of the system itself.