Take  A Giant Step to Reduce Plastic Pollution 

At most events, plastic bottles are a reality. However, not separating them properly is also a reality. ClearStream has a system that will show your guests how to separate their plastic bottle at your 2018 Earth Day Celebration.

ClearStream Recycling provides a self sorting system that pairs side-by-side green PLASTIC Bottles Only and blue ALUMINUM Cans Only. ClearStream bins show guests where to separate recyclables.

Attaching Billboard Sign Kits allows you to showcase messages like

  • Please pour out liquids from their bottle (just like the airlines)
  • Add a PLASTIC ONLY/NO GLASS sign if glass is present
  • Ask Guests to TWIST IT to reduce the plastic volume by 50% (Where applicable)

Take a GIANT Step to Reduce Plastic Pollution. Contact us for more information on getting your ClearStream System started

Take your choice of Earth Day Offers, including any number of side by side bins with you choice of material. Click Here 

The NEW reality: Self-sorted material ready for the processor. Click on this link to see how to eliminate the need for back room separation of cans from bottles . 

Happy Earth Day everyone, and thanks for doing your part to end plastic pollution. 

  - ClearStream Team