PROTECTING the PLANET’s Multiple Environments –

A Sustainable ECO-System Protects Two Environments.

Global impact

ClearStream containers help maintain a healthy global environment. The result is local recycling efforts providing benefits that have a global green impact.

Local recycling efforts provide ECO system benefits which contribute to increased diversion.  ClearStream products are sustainable because they contribute to reduced methane and CO emissions, water and air pollution, and less dependence on virgin raw materials.

Local impact

Clear bins help event visitors in local environments participate in Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign. Pairing clear trash bins next to recycling bins so both public and security personnel see the contents removes a risk.

Asking law enforcement to find time to look into enclosed containers at large venues is an impossible mission. ClearStream bins our the clear choice at designated mass gathering locations where all bins must be clear like Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix.

Improved public safety awareness and visibly successful recycling collection benefits both local and global environments. Together, local and global recycling success provides an Enviro-Mentality throughout the event. 

Think Globally, Act Locally