Local Events are a Community’s Homecoming

Community events build a legacy. When you attend, you’re part of the tradition –meeting neighbors, new people, making memories and being part of the extended family.

It’s estimated that 80% of US event goers want to recycle at their events. Engaging visitors/fans/guests at public space events is a mandatory first step to create a sustainable ECO system. 

ClearStream increases recycling participation and eliminate most contamination by showing guests where to source separate their recyclables.

Seeing clean recyclables piling up in clear bags engages visitors to recycle, and they are confident they are part of the solution. “If I see cans in there, I know that’s what is going in there. I can just pop mine right in. Clear bags are the way to go.”

When most guests get it right, event management is rewarded with increased attendance and tourism revenue. But if they get it wrong, they do not have a recycling system, only an expensive collection program.

ClearStream provides an ECO Engagement solution that reinforce your community’s values: “We do not Inherit the earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Grandchildren. ClearStream is the Clear Choice for ENGAGEMENT.