WeatherMax ABS


WeatherMax™ is at home in public buildings,parks, stadiums, streetscapes, parking lots and everywhere recycling is a necessity.


Sponsorship: Optional WeatherMax 15" x 20" signs are sold in pairs. Adding a pair of sponsorship signs creates 4.2 ft² of display space.

Protective Materials: 100% stainless steel top, base, rivets and hinges for maximum protection from the elements.Remaining parts are zinc-plated and coated with a UV rust-inhibiting finish.

Public Safety: WeatherMax is a transparent recycling container that allows your staff, safety

Sliding drawer bag lock secures bag to the frame.

The WeatherMax™uses 36" x 40" bags.


»». Clear see-through panels eliminate confusion with a trash receptacle.

»». Stainless steel hooded dome top protects the contents from precipitation.

»» Accessible from all four sides. Barbell design accommodates collection of all recyclables - including paper.

»» WeatherMax permanent graphics are applied using a durable ink transfer process to prevent fading or peeling.

»» The WeatherMax is lockable.

»» Wire grids and doors are powder coated blue; custom colors are available.

»» Weld nut levelers can be removed for permanent mounting.

»» Recycled content of the WeatherMax exceeds 50%.