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Why ClearStream Recycling

ClearStream Containers Create Sustainable Behaviors

little girl participates in recyclingWhen ClearStream bins fill up with recyclables it dramatically increases recycling participation and the clear bags and containers eliminate most contamination. A sustainable recycling program must have heavy participation from the public - they must want to recycle, and it must be clear and easy how to participate in the recycling initiative.

It may seem exceptional, but we found less than 2% of trash or non-recyclables in the ClearStream units and less the 5% recyclables thrown into the trash containers” said Paul Schultz, Solid Waste Management Supervisor, City of Dubuque, IA

Sustainability is engaged with visitors in 3 key areas.

    man participates in recycling
  1. Streamlining Operations
  2. Maximizing Revenue
  3. Protecting the Environment

“It works due to visual recognition. ClearStream’s success does not rely on someone having to read anything. People quickly see that one bag is for recyclables, and the other for trash. Without any education, event attendees get it and properly sort their discards.” said Bruce Philbrick, (formerly with) City of Loveland, Colorado.