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Why ClearStream is a Sustainable ECO System

Thousands of communities choose ClearStream bins for public space collection because they provide sustainable solutions not available from enclosed, nontransparent bins. All 3 triple bottom line elements must be present and work together to create a sustainable Eco-system:


A sustainable ECO system Engages Visitors. Clear bins show visitors “what goes where” so they can recycle with confidence. Bins that are enclosed and nontransparent confuse fans, resulting in high levels of contamination. When visitors see clean recyclables piling up in a ClearStream bin, they add their own recyclable right on top,

B. 2 for 1 ECONOMIC Benefits

A sustainable ECO system Streamlines Operations. Increased diversion produces more marketable material and reduces litter cleanup and disposal costs. Mobile ClearStream bins are easy to set up and service using volunteers to assist maintenance staff. When the event is over, the folding frame and nesting lids are easy to transport and store compactly in 20 times less space than 90 gallons carts. Because of ClearStream’s mobility, many organizations share the cost of equipment by partnering instead of purchasing separately.

A sustainable ECO system Maximizes Revenue. Sponsorship and branding opportunities are available with ABS display advertising that creates new, recurring streams of revenue. The venue creates 2 for 1 revenue efficiency for the venue by renting out collection containers that also display advertising signs..

C.Protecting the ENVIRONMENT

Finally, a sustainable ECO system Protects Two Environments. Local recycling success provides an Enviro-Mentality throughout the event. Clear bins also help event visitors in local environments participate in Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign. (Super Bowl footage) Improved public safety awareness and visibly successful recycling collection benefits both local and global environments.