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ClearStream Recycling Bin Setup and Maintenance Tips

5 minutes with your recycling container now can save you hours later!

At First Setup:
  • Apply Decals in Advance: Use the bead line and window cleaner for a perfect job.
  • Open Frame with Loops on Top: The 80% recycled content, 3/8” thick steel frame literally sets up in seconds. Make sure that the “double bar” is on top when setting up the frame.
How to Lock the Bag to the Frame
  • Pull Through: Work from inside to outside.Using two hands, pull top edge of bag through the double bar toward you approx. 6”.
  • Push Over: Still using two hands, push the top edge of the bag over the double bar approx. 6”, catching the corners.
  • Tighten: Now, grasp both sides of the bag. Pull down and in to tighten around the corners. Repeat on other side.
  • For a video demonstration of these bag lock instructions, visit our YouTube channel.
  • Snap the Lid to Frame With the two decals applied in advance, the lid has four hidden clips which snap securely to the frame.
  • You’re Done!
Easy Bag Changes
  • Train Your Staff to Center the Bag: Give everyone a turn to center the printing and lock a bag to the frame.
  • Change Out Bags: When 2/3 full, release the bag lock and slide the full bag through the side of the frame. Knot the bag to secure contents.