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The Glad Products Company and ClearStream Recycling are partnering together to bring municipalities and event organizers resources to help them reduce or divert their waste to landfill. ClearStream was the “clear” choice for a One Bag partner to help improve waste diversion at events because of the clear bags and easy-to-use waste stations.

Glad launched the One Bag campaign in 2011 to help reduce waste at events, large and small, with the ultimate goal of only one bag of waste going to landfill with the rest diverted to recycling and composting.  Results released in a 2006 California study[1] of 25 different large public venues and events indicated that on average 2.44 pounds of waste are generated per visitor, per day.  As an education and action platform, Glad is extending One Bag partnerships to municipalities, cities and local governments, to help communities drive education, participation and impact in waste diversion programs.

One Bag Municipality & Event Organizer Resources
Glad welcomes your feedback and input to help improve the resources available here. Please contact your ClearStream Recycling representative with any feedback or suggestions that can help further reduce or divert waste at events.

For additional information and resources to make your event One Bag, visit


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