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"During the week
leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, downtown Phoenix will be transformed into Verizon® Super Bowl Central, the epicenter of Super Bowl related events. This free, outdoor fan campus will link together twelve city blocks to create a hub of sponsor, media and NFL activities.”

Watch the City of Phoenix Playbook Video from Super Game Central 2015

When the Department of Homeland Security mandated that all containers be clear at Verizon® Super Game Central, ClearStream was the logical choice. As former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said about the 2013 Super Bowl, "The Department of Homeland Security's quote 'If you see something, say something' campaign is alive and well here."

In a sponsorship deal with the City of Phoenix, Pepsi® supplied 500 Connectors, ClearStream bins, and Billboards to collect RECYCLE, TRASH, and COMPOST at 125 solid waste stations. Pepsi's sponsorship signs were printed on an office laser copier and inserted into the back panel of 17" X 11" Billboard signs.

Connectors | The Game Changer
Connectors link bins into rigid solid waste stations that streamline collection, safety, and sustainability. No tools are required. Just tighten the wingnut. They set up in less than a minute. Having bins in the same order and always touching is key to successful collection. Event organizers, such as those from Super Game 2015, also used these waste stations as barriers at checkpoints. When bins need to be relocated, crews can pick up and move the entire solid waste station as an assembly.

Green Security
Green Security bins are interlocked rigid waste stations that do double duty as security barricades at checkpoints. The Green Security bins at Super Game Central showed fans "What Goes Where" and also allowed security personnel to see what should "Not Go There!"

Your Green Security Checklist:
  • Green Security bins shows "What Goes Where" and also what should "Not Go There!"
  • Use ClearStreams to minimize risks that are associated with non-transparent bins.
  • Use Connected ClearStreams when weather conditions threaten.
  • Use Billboards for messaging at entrances, exits, stages, etc.
  • Use Transporters for easier setup and storage, particularly in no-drive areas.

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¦ View our video below to learn more about new safety standards - or visit our YouTube page for more subject options.

Building Your Event Brand
ClearStreams help event managers build their environmental brand. Over the last 10 years, ClearStream Recycling, Inc. has delivered over 1 million clear bins that promote safety and sustainability. Participation and approval rates soar when fans are given the clear choice to enjoy greener, cleaner, and safer public spaces. Creating this legacy pays you back with increased attendance and tourism revenue.

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Recycling's Cool: The Music Video
Carl Freberg (Chicago, IL) teams up with ClearStream Recycling, Inc. to create a fun music video about recycling.
You can obtain this video for free by visiting our home page and clicking the link to download.

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