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City of Phoenix set up Green Security checkpoints using ClearStreams and Connectors
that lock bins into rigid solid waste stations.

  • Locking the clear bins together in a consistent order bins made it 
    easier for fans to make the Clear Choice.
  • The same clear solid waste stations used for collection also provided
    crowd management barriers at entrance and exit checkpoints.
  • The new Connector interlocks bins into a single unit to provide stability in the event of
    high wind conditions, uneven ground or large crowds.
  • Even better, Connectors cost $9.90 in quantities of 5. You can set up
    your own Green Security checkpoint for less than $100.

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Dual-Purpose ClearStreams Collect and Protect

At Phoenix Super Game Central January 28-31, the City of Phoenix proved that dual-purpose clear bins can collect and protect simultaneously.

"During the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, downtown Phoenix will be transformed into Verizon Super Bowl Central." -

From their introduction in 2003, ClearStream bins created a large following because they showed attendees “What Goes Where”, which reduced contamination dramatically. Read our full story here!

Greening Super Game Central
When the Department of Homeland Security required that all bins be clear, ClearStream was a logical choice. 500 ClearStreams were set up collect Recycle, Compost and Trash.

Connectors were used to link the ClearStream bins into rigid solid waste stations that greened the event. Creating interlocked waste stations kept bins from getting separated and in a consistent order of Recycle, Compost and Trash. Fans always had a clear choice where to put their discards.

ClearStream Playbook:  Safety + Source Separation + Sponsorship = Sustainability!


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2-for-1 Green Security Checkpoints

The City of Phoenix investment in greening was also an investment in protecting public safety. (Quote ESA here).

Connectors made it possible to take existing solid waste stations and use them simultaneously as crowd management barriers. The same interlocked solid waste stations that provided receptacles for attendees were used as crowd management barriers at entrances and exits. Connectors were a welcome addition for those who service the operations and for those responsible for Phoenix event security.

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How Phoenix’s Playbook can help your events
What does this event have in common with yours?

The objectives accomplished at Super Game Central have multiple applications at your events. All of these objectives were attainable because the containers were clear:

  • Public safety and security dominated the decision to mandate clear containers because it makes attendees pay attention in ways that cannot be accomplished with a rigid, nontransparent receptacles
  • Fans took on that challenge and achieved almost 70% diversion.
  • Setting up the solid waste stations in advance and being able to move them as units help the operations crew respond to tight deadlines after the downtown area was turned into a no drive zone. . Mobility and rapid deployment allowed managers to react quickly.
  • Transporters were used to deliver and move ClearStreams inside the zone. Transporters delivered bins where they needed to be set up.
  • Connectors were the game changer. The Connectors created unitized solid waste stations that did double duty as green security barriers at checkpoints. And because they were connected, they could be easily relocated to areas where there was greater demand.
  • Cost efficiency occurs when events can source separate their waste from recyclables and compost with minimal intervention. The City of Phoenix achieved a 73% landfill diversion rate at super game central.
  • 500 Billboards provided additional instructions. The backside was used for Pepsi’s sponsorship signage throughout the event
  • Clear communication is the key to collaboration for all these objectives.
  • Public safety and security requires that attendees say something can say something to authorities.
  • Clear containers help attendees see “what goes where” and recycle with confidence. No signage has the power of seeing where the solid waste is winding up. No signage can compete with seeing what goes into clear bins; it helps “behave” attendees to get it right.
  • New bins needed to be quickly transported, setup and visible when they needed to be serviced.
  • And now, with their new bins, Phoenix is expanding their program to other city events throughout the year so that their Sustainability Playbook continues to grow.

A Connected Solid Waste Station

Watch the City of Phoenix Play-It-Safe Video from Super Game Central 2015 below!

Connectors | The Game Changer
Connectors link bins into rigid solid waste stations that streamline collection, safety, and sustainability. No tools are required. Just tighten the wingnut. They set up in less than a minute. Having bins in the same order and always touching is key to successful collection. Event organizers, such as those from Super Game 2015, also used these waste stations as barriers at checkpoints. When bins need to be relocated, crews can pick up and move the entire solid waste station as an assembly.
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How to Stabilize ClearStream in Difficult Conditions
One of the key benefits for the Connectors is that they interlock and stabilize ClearStream bins to provide for contingencies. Connected stations are recommended when dealing with high winds, uneven ground, and crowd management assignments including security barriers at checkpoints.

Step One: Add a Connector to interlock 2 bins together.

  • First, set out the frames side by side. Make sure that the outer and inner legs of the frames mirror each other.
  • Place the top plate of the Connector assembly above the hinges so that it fits both frames snugly.
  • Insert the bolt into the bottom plate of the assembly in the same direction as the prongs.
  • Coming from the bottom, make sure the prongs engage the hinges and the bolt sticks out through the top plate.
  • Add the wingnut and tighten snugly so that the plates compress to interlock the frames.
  • See a print-ready version of Connector instructions by clicking here.

Step Two:
Use the patented bag lock to secure the bag to the frame

  • Note, in high winds, have the lid available to lock to the frame immediately after attaching the bag to the frame.
  • See a print-ready version of bag instructions by clicking here.

Step Three: Snap the lid to the frame.

  • Place the lid on top of the frame immediately after securing the bag. Attaching the lid will prevent the empty bag from filling up with wind.
  • There are 4 pairs of clips molded into the lid which snap on to the frame. Center the lid on the frame, grasp the lid and the baglock on one side with both hands, and squeeze until you hear the lid lock into place.
  • (You can also squeeze it one corner at a time.)
  • Repeat on opposite side.
  • See a print-ready version of bag instructions by clicking here.

Building Your Event Brand

ClearStreams help event managers build their environmental brand. Over the last 10 years, ClearStream Recycling, Inc. has delivered over 1 million clear bins that promote safety and sustainability. Participation and approval rates soar when fans are given the clear choice to enjoy greener, cleaner, and safer public spaces. Creating this legacy pays you back with increased attendance and tourism revenue.

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Recycling's Cool: The Music Video
Carl Freberg (Chicago, IL) teams up with ClearStream Recycling, Inc. to create a fun music video about recycling.
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