Recycling Heroes

Recycling Heroes
ClearStream Recycling Playbook | Sustainability + Safety + Sponsorship = Sustainability!

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The Super Bowl Central party took over a twelve block section of downtown Phoenix from January 28th through January 31st - before the final game of the year on February 1st between the East and West Cost champions. This area was transformed into the hub of sponsor, media, and football related activities.

Fans Tackle the Sustainability Challenge.

nability is clearly the goal. The City of Phoenix has partnered with Pepsi® to purchase 450 ClearStream bins to collect recyclables, compostables, and trash.

Marsden, a leading facility service provider, collects and sorts the tons of recyclables, compostables, and trash that will be generated from a potential one million visitors.

The goal was to make this the greenest pregame celebration in history, with the diversion of recyclables and compostables in excess of 80%.

Public Safety: A Team Effort

When the Department of Homeland Security mandates that all containers be clear, ClearStream belongs in your playbook! ClearStream’s clear bin system helps fans see what’s going into containers – even from a distance.

 As former Homeland Secur
ity Secretary Janet Napolitano said about the Super Bowl, “We’re asking individuals to help us. The Department of Homeland Security’s quote
‘if you see something, say something’ campaign is alive and well here.” -

Fan vigilance helps free up law enforcement officials to focus on other threats.


¦ View our video below to learn more about new safety standards - or visit our YouTube page for more subject options.

Sponsorships Create Revenue

Billboards are an inexpensive way to create sponsorships. ClearStream frames have slots to attach the Billboards. A Billboard Sign Kit has a sleeve which holds back-to-back 17” x 11”ledger size signs which can be printed on an office copier for instant messaging. Find out more about ClearStream Sponsorship Opportunities!

Folding bins are easy to store, set up, and transport between multiple
community events.
Sponsorships, cooperative
partnerships, rental, grants and fundraising events are some of the ways that communities acquire ClearStream bins to stock their tool sheds and trailers.

Building Your Event Brand

ClearStreams help event managers build their environmental brand. Over the last 10 years, ClearStream Recycling, Inc. has delivered over 1 million clear bins that promote safety and sustainability. Participation and approval rates soar when fans are given the clear choice to enjoy greener, cleaner, and safer public spaces. Creating this legacy pays you back with increased attendance and tourism revenue.

Do you have to see it to believe it?
No problem!

Check out our #1 go-to video (seen below)
which contains reputable testimonials from Special Programs Managers, Executive Directors, Event/Operations Committees, an Advanced Disposal member, and a Chief of Police.

Your Sustainability Playbook

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Recycling's Cool: The Music Video

Carl Freberg (Chicago, IL) teams up with ClearStream Recycling, Inc. to create a fun music video about recycling.
You can obtain this video for free by visiting our home page and clicking the link to download.

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