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ClearStream 5-Packs ClearStream Frames and Gaylords

ClearStream Frames and Gaylords available in blue, green, and black. Lids sold separately.

ClearStream Recycling: Clear Recycling Bins Work Harder

The ClearStream system is one of the most successful recycling containers in the U.S. – over 1,000,000 have been sold in the past 10 years.  ClearStreams provide great value and flexibility to our customers year after year. Create a solid waste station by connecting several frames together.
  • All ClearStreams use our patented baglock system, which secures the bag to the frame. Lids snap securely onto the frame at four points.
  • The clear bag, restricted openings, and bold signage on the lids show “What Goes Where.”
  • Folding frames and nesting lids make ClearStreams easy to store and transport.
  • Interchangeable lids, frames, bags, and accessories provide maximum flexibility for a variety of venues and uses.
  • ClearStreams are easy to set up and service without special training or equipment.    
  • ClearStreams are easily emptied without vertical lifting, and replacing with a clean bag eliminates the need to power wash traditional bins.
  • All ClearStream models use standard 40” x 45” bags (45 gallon), with the exception of the DualStream that uses two 30” x 45” bags. ClearStream specializes in providing recycling and trash bags that are high in quality and clarity. They are printed with ClearStream set up instructions and graphics which reinforce disposal in the appropriate containers.
  • Seeing ClearStreams filling up from a distance makes them more efficient to service and meets the Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines for clear containers in certain public areas. (Note: It is important to use crystal clear bags for maximum visibility; we offer a complete line of high-quality clear bags.) 

SideKicks Bags

Reorder ClearStream's Genuine Clear Bags for High-Performance and Safety |
ClearStream's clear bags with visible graphics help visitors see clearly where to put their recyclables, compostables, or trash. Green your event with ClearStream's clear bags - optional custom print bags available for your convenience. Sustainable waste collection is easier than ever!

  • Star seals avoid tipping hazards from protruding corners for Safer Events.
  • Double sealed star bottom bags are stronger and Prevent Leaks.
  • Strongest blend of resins available.
  • Bags are 40" X 45" for Precise Fit on the frame.
  • Printed graphics, instructions, and recycling logos Educate Attendees.
  • Many bags are Printed on Both Sides for easier identification.
  • Bags packed in rolls of 5 are Easier to Carry in a pocket.
  • Custom Printing with your logo and free shipping on pallet quantity orders - see here.
  • With clear bags, crowds can "See Something, Say Something!"
  • Clear bins are Never Out of Service - just add a new bag!
  • Always in Stock and ready to ship!
Lids Connectors

Reorder Hot Stamped Lids |
New Hot-Stamped Lids make your ClearStream bins look brand new - even if they have been in use for a decade. Pair up your lids with matching colored frames to produce your own ClearStream waste station at your events. For more effective, effortless results, we recommend creating clear solid waste stations by alternating the order of your bins. For example: Recycle-Trash-Recycle-Trash-Recycle.

Order these lids in cases of 5 and eliminate the need to apply decals.

ClearStream Connector
Billboards & Accessories Transporters

ClearStream Billboards can be attached to your clear bins and are an inexpensive way to create sponsorships, give directions, or say a clear message. When clear bins have Billboard signage attached to them, visitors at your event are reinforced about where to place their waste items. ClearStream frames have slots to attach the Billboards. A Billboard Sign Kit has a sleeve which holds back-to-back 17” X 11” ledger size signs which can be inexpensively printed on an office copier for instant messaging.

| The ClearStream Transporter is a heavy duty black powder coated frame that carries your clear bin equipment. It has four 8-inch wheels for uneven terrain and that lock in the front. It is easy to use and move with just one person. The Transporter provides an easy way to carry and store up to 25 ClearStream frames and lids, making it an effective bin management system for easier set-up, transportation, storage and asset control.

Permanent Containers Event Boxes

Permanent Containers | ClearStream's Permanent, Clear Containers provide durable, attractive, and clean permanent recycling and waste containers for indoor and outdoor use. Conveniently, the ClearTainers can be used with or without the clear bags.

Compostable Products Decals

Compostable Products |
ClearStream offers several Compost products. ClearStream's BPI Certified Bags, Compost Lids (case of 5), Compostable Boxes, and the CompostMax (case of 5).

Decals |
ClearStream offers a large assortment of decals. They help you educate attendees and sort material efficiently.

Rigid Plastic Containers
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ClearStream Connector
ClearStream Connector
Our Price: $55.00
The ClearStream Connector joins two or more ClearStream bins side-by-side for security and stability.

Additional Information

Planning Events

Get step by step tips on planning, and properly utilizing the power of the ClearStream Recycler before, during, and after your events.

Promoting Events

Learn the steps to most successfully promote your event with the ClearStream Recycler family of products.

Loaning & Sharing

Find out how others have had success loaning & sharing their ClearStream Recyclers to cut costs and successfully run recycling at all community events.


Learn about how the states across the country are utilizing grants to purchase ClearStream Recyclers and Transporters to stock trailers and create clean recycling state-wide.


The ClearStream recycling containers can pay for themselves with sponsors helping and in turn having their name put on the ClearTainers. There are a number of options you can explore.


Read these instructions before your event to insure that everything runs smoothly, and that you are getting the most out of your ClearStream Recyclers.

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