Recycling made clear.

ClearStream's Mission is Transforming Environments with Clear Bin Systems that Help Communities Recycle with Confidence and Enjoy Sustainable Public Spaces.

VISIBILITY is the key to successful diversion in public spaces. ClearStream educates visitors with clear bags, restricted openings and bold signage.

Putting a recyclable into a clear bag is a no-brainer. Customers report only 0– 3% contamination using the ClearStream system. But if it looks like a trash can, the container will be used as a trash can.

ClearStream bins will take your recycling program to new levels of efficiency, economy and public safety compared to nontransparent bins. Guaranteed!

Choose from 7 different types of stationary containers that match your environment and budget. Customization is also available.

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40 mobile ClearStream frames can be transported and stored in the same footprint as 2 rolling carts, a 20:1 ratio.

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Sustainable Solutions Pay Dividend$

ClearStream provides customers with clear bins for permanent and temporary public spaces. Over 1 million ClearStream bins deliver Economic, Visitor Engagement, and Environmental benefits for our customers and their visitors in North America.

ClearStream containers create peer pressure to discard carefully and recycle correctly. These behaviors become habit-forming.

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The ability to see into bags from a distance allows the operations team to service the bins just in time, preventing overflows.

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The ClearStream bottom line is marketable recyclables, avoided disposal costs with increased diversion and cleaner events.

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Contributing to a visibly successful recycling system is a way for visitors to show their support locally for programs that have global environmental impact. The other environmental priority is to encourage everyone -- visitors, event staff and law enforcement -- to “See Something, Say Something” and contribute to their communal safety.

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About ClearStream

Since 2003, ClearStream Recycling Inc. has been the Clear Choice™ for on-the- go, public space recycling stations. Over 1 million ClearStream bins are in use by customers in North America using stationary, permanent containers as well as mobile, temporary bins for their public space collection. The company is headquartered in Palos Heights, Illinois. Products are maintained in inventory and shipped FOB Belvidere, Illinois. All products for indoor and outdoor are sole-sourced products and exceed 50% recycled content and are 100% made in the USA.

ClearStream’s mission is transforming environments with clear bin systems that help communities recycle with confidence and enjoy sustainable public spaces.

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